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Keeping a balanced diet is essential for health; unfortunately, our daily food intake is often unbalanced. Sunrider's most basic herbal food is formulated with herbal ingredients that serve as a foundation on which to build a healthy diet and to fill in nutritional gaps.


NuPlus®Concentrated Herbal Food blends herbal tradition and nutritional science. It's a balanced herbal formula based on the Chinese tradition of health maintenance through proper nutrition. Sunrider owner expertise integrates the Philosophy of Regeneration®—to nourish (yin) and cleanse (yang) the body—with sound nutritional research.

It's naturally low in calories, fat and cholesterol, and makes a smart choice to consume in between meals and at any time throughout the day. The all-natural, superior ingredients avoid chemical isolates, preservatives, added sweetener and fat.

NuPlus® 10/15 g Packs

  • Mix one package of NuPlus®with 180 mL–240 mL of water, Sunrider VitaFruit ®, or Fortune Delight® at mealtime.

    NuPlus®also makes a wonderful, guilt-free between-meal snack.

  • Original, Simply Herbs®, Naturally Plain, Mixed Berry, Pina Banana, Apple Cinnamon

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