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Delivery water & ice


We try to make your delivery as easy for you as possible!

Delivery pay as you go or use our Delivery Tokens to save - Buy 10 Get 1 Free!

We accept Cash, Cheque, or Credit Card.

Delivery Options:

  • You phone us the day before your delivery

  • We email you 2 business days before your delivery

  • We text you the day before your delivery

​We deliver to a different area of the city each day! Check out below to see when we are in your area:

Monday - Ross Glen / Mall / 13th Ave / Upland Drive

Tuesday - Southridge / Dunmore / College / Bow Island

Wednesday - Brier Park / Redcliff / Downtown

Thursday - Hill / Hospital / Airport 

Friday - Riverside / Crescent Heights / Flats / Kingsway


There is a 3 Bottle Minimum order with delivery.

Delivery Restrictions:

We are unable to deliver to most condominiums, complexes, and apartment buildings.

We are unable to deliver to addresses with excessive stairs.

We are unable to deliver to most addresses located in Suffield, Ralston, and Jenner.

Exceptions can be made.  Contact us to learn if we can deliver to your address.

Some addresses we deliver to every 2 weeks. Please contact us to find out your schedule. 

Pay as you go:
Or try our prepaid systems:
You can even get your health products, cooler cleaner, firewood and more delivered with your water!
Most popular delivered products: 

U-Fill Machines

Quick - Easy - Convenient  
Premium Quality Water, with a click of a button!


Open DAILY 6am - 10pm

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