Delivery water & ice


We try to make your delivery as easy for you as possible!

Delivery pay as you go or use our Delivery Tokens to save - Buy 10 Get One Free!

We accept Cash, Cheque, or Credit Card.

Delivery options:

  • You phone us the day before your delivery

  • We automatically come on your delivery day

  • We email you 2 business days before your delivery

  • We text you the day before your delivery

​We deliver to a different area of the city each day! Check out below to see when we are in your area:

Monday - Ross Glen / Mall

Tuesday - Southridge / Airport / Tower Estates

Wednesday - Brier Park / Redcliff / Bow Island / Burdett Area

Thursday - Hill / Downtown / Hospital / College

Friday - Riverside / Crescent Heights


There is a 3 bottle minimum order with delivery. Some complexes we deliver to every 2 weeks. Please contact us to find out your schedule. 

Pay as you go: