H20K Water Cooler leaner

Quick, Healthy, Tasteless, Odourless Solution!


Bacteria will grow in ALL water coolers, and dispencers. It compromises the safety and quality of your water!


Cleaning your cooler just got easier with NEW H20K foodgrade Cleaner!

H2OK Cleaning Kit

    • Add H20K to Empty Cooler
    • Wait 15 minutes
    • Drain & Drink

    Odourless, Tasteless, Foodgrade & Quick!

  • It is a good idea to clean your water cooler every 6 months to keep your water cooler free of bacteria at all times. These few steps will help you keep your water cooler clean inbetween:

    • Drain your cooler's resivor completly before putting on the next bottle. This way you will not have old water mixing with new, this will keep your water fresh all the time!
    • If you have a hot tank, make sure you drain your hot tank at least every 6 months. Or drain sooner if it is not used regularly. The hot tanks have a safety feature where the hot tank does not go empty. This is crutual for your cooler to fuction, but it can allow bacteria to grow if you don't use your hot tap on a regular basis. There will be a drain at the back of your cooler: turn your hot switch off, let the water cool down and twist the cap off. It will hold about 8 cups of water, so make sure you have a bucket ready about that size. Then when you put your next bottle on, let all of the air out of your hot tank by letting water out of the line, and then turn the hot switch back on!