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Clap away your pain, illness, stress, and many other issues!


Clapping is an impact therapy thats shown to improve and treat numerious physical and mental health issues.  


A simple daily practice you can incorperate into your personal wellness plan. 


    • Micro arteries circulation and lymphatic drainage
    • Clapping will clear up your micro circulation and macro circulation by helping to eliminate dead lymph cells
    • Helps with bloating
    • Clapping for your whole health
    • Clap for your heart and lung health
    • Improve Mind Body Connection
    • Stimulate the Vegus Nerve
    • Get into a parasympathetic state
    • Remove scar tissue internally
    • Bring friction and blood flow to the surface
    • Increases circulation, creates heat, increases oxygen and nutrition, and detoxication
    • Non invasive simply method to help build up the immunise system and restore your joints and tissues. 
    • Clapping removes tension and stress and can be a great end of the day exercise
    • Clapping tones and tightens your skin and as a result can also be used for antiaging and improve skin elasticity
    • Bring life back to tissue
    • Clapping is meant to maintain your health and will with consistent use

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