Mountain Fresh Scent - Riverstone Naturals Blue Deodorant is made with 100% natural ingredients, giving your armpits the dryness they deserve. The balancing nature of Frankincense resin sets this deodorant apart from all others, promoting strength, courage, and protection. Riverstone Naturals Blue Deodorant is ideal for men & women with dry, normal or sensitive skin - and it really works!

Deodorant - Blue - Mountain Fresh Scent

  • Benefits: 

    * A natural deodorant that actually works! Money Back Guarantee!

    * Naturally effective against bacterial, yeast, and fungi.

    * Beeswax is naturally antiseptic (disinfectant).

    * Light "woodsy" scent of Frankincense, Spruce & Rosewood

    * Absorbs sweat, moisture and body odors.

    * Say "Goodbye" to aluminum-based deodorants! 

    * Ideal for travel.


    How To Use:

    Simply use the back of your fingernail or our deodorant applicator pad to scoop a small "pea" sized amount from the tin. Apply with your fingers/pad by gently rubbing the de