Even with diligence bottles can become damaged with use & time.  A damaged bottle can cause a cooler to over fill & cause damage.


The DryGuard™ eliminates water overflow caused by a faulty bottle!


Each DryGuard™ inculdes a 5-Micron Air Filter that protects against airborne contaminates from entering your water.


A DryGuard can be retrofitted on any Crystal Mountain, Alpine, Glacier, Mirage or Mogul cooler.


Get that "Cooler Confidence". It's like buying inexpensive insurance!

Crystal Mountain DryGuard™

  • The co-injection molded gasket creates an airtight seal inside the reservoir. In the event of a cracked bottle, the manual float

    shuts off the airflow, preventing water from escaping the reservoir.  We call this an ‘Air Lock’.

  • You may have an Air Lock.  What now?

    • Remove bottle & set aside. 
    • With the bottle off, attempt to draw water out of your taps.  If water comes out you had an Air Lock. Continue to follow steps below.

    If water doesn’t come out of your taps with the bottle removed contact us for more trouble shooting advice.

    • Turn to Remove Top Cover.  Follow directions on cover.
    • Locate Air filter cover & lift to find Air Filter.
    • Remove Air Filter & set aside to dry.  This can take up to 24 hours.
    • Once Air Filter is dry replace back into the DryGuard.
    • Add New Bottle on Cooler.

    Use a DIFFERENT bottle than the suspected faulty one

    You can label bottle with permanent marker to keep aside

    We can test your bottle in-store.