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What's 'Quick Connect'?

Have you heard of ‘Quick Connect’ from Sodastream?

‘Quick Connect’ is a new system introduced by Sodastream.  It allows people to use a lever to set their new canisters on their machines in place of the traditional screw in method.

It's important to know:

If you buy a Sodastream now you will get a ‘Quick Connect’ system.

This means that your current Screw Top Canister's will NOT work with a new Quick Connect System.

Screw Top Canisters vs. Quick Connect Canisters

Quick Connect Canisters: Quick Connect Canisters can ONLY be used in Quick Connect machines. Screw Top Canisters will NOT work.

Screw Top Canisters: Screw Top Canisters can be used in older style Sodastream machines and other C02 machines, like The Drinkmate.

We exchange BOTH

Screw Top Canisters & Quick Connect Canisters!

Before you buy a new

CO2 Machine consider

The Carbonate ANYTHING Machine

Drinkmate allows you to use your current Screw Top canisters easily.

Drinkmate also carbonates EVERYTHING - not just water- so you’re NEVER limited!

Available in Matte Black, Classic White, Royal Red, & Aqua Blue!

Drinkmate Machine comes with the patented Infuzer & 1 - 1L Bottle

Additional 1L and 0.5L bottles available in all colours

The Drinkmate Infuser allows you to carbonate ANY liquid you want!


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