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Are all self-serve U fill stations created equal?

You’ve seen them everywhere.  U fill stations where you can fill your bottles with water.  They are in supermarkets, health stores, hardware stores, and even on the side of buildingsBut are they all the same?  Not even close!

U fill stations can be installed by anyone with handy man skills and a basic sense of plumbing and can be purchased from many manufacturers.  Many businesses see them as a passive income opportunity and not much more. You can not assume they are all offering the same quality product.

At Icy Mountain Water we have five self-serve U fill machines that go above and beyond!


What makes our U Fill better?

  • Fully enclosed indoor station that protects you from sun, wind, rain, and that chilly winter weather

  • Five machines to limit any wait times

  • Bottle rinse station with Ozone and a decapper to help you remove your caps

  • High quality spill proof caps free with each fill

  • 24 hour/365 days video security surveillance in the U fill station along with an after-hours voice mail service

  • Convenient hours so everyone can use our station.


But it goes deeper than what you can see!


What you can’t see:

  • Cleanliness and sanitation! Each of our self-serve U fill machines are regularly cleaned and disinfected.  High touch surfaces are cleaned daily during business hours and machines, along with the space, are deep cleaned weekly!

  • Reliability! We do regular and scheduled maintenance, testing, and servicing on all our U fill machines to ensure they are always running at their top performance and deliver water to meet our high standards.

  • Never any stale water! Our machines have an automated flush system that flushes out water on a timed schedule to make sure there is never any old water left in the lines.

  • Additional Filtration! Each machine has an independent interior UV Light, Carbon filter, and 5 Micron filter to ensure your water is always fresh and pure. When you visit and begin filling, our machines gives your water an additional filtration right before it enters your bottle.  This guarantees that you get the freshest and purest water EVERY SINGLE TIME!

  • The best water source! We are a professional water company – we know water!  Opposed to tap water being your starting point in many U fill stations.  Our water begins its life by going though our state-of-the-art on location RO system and then it’s transported directly to each U fill machine on demand. 

Get the best water EVERYTIME for your money, time, and effort! 

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