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After a vigorous workout or long, hard day, reach for SunBreeze for instant relief. The natural oils in SunBreeze quickly penetrate the skin to help ease pain in overworked muscles and soothe stiff, aching joints.


  • Made from safe, pure, all-natural ingredients, including mint extract, cassia, and eucalyptus oil.
  • Can soothe tired muscles.
  • Great for post-exercise, relaxation, and overall rubdowns. A favorite for neck rubs or on the temples.
  • Ultra-concentrated, cool, and soothing. Pleasant, refreshing scent.


You won't find anything comparable to SunBreeze®Oil on the market. That's because it's formulated by owner expertise for quality and safety. It's a great product to use when introducing people to Sunrider as it delivers a refreshing and uplifting aromatherapy experience to the mind and body

Sold in packages of 6 oils.  Not avaliable indivudally for online orders.

Due to populairty this product is subject to avaialbility.   
We will contact you and let you know if we have in stock.

SunBreeze® Oil 6 pack of 5 mL

  • Add a small amount of SunBreeze®Oil to a diffuser or potpourri and enjoy.

    Rub into tired or sore muscles for instant relief

    Apply to back of neck or temples (Lightly - Avoiding eye area) for headaches and migraines. 

  • CASSIA OIL - Also known as Chinese cinnamon, cassia oil helps support circulation and alleviate musculoskeletal pain in the body.

    EUCALYPTUS - This tree oil boasts pain relieving properties and a cooling, refreshing, woodsy smell.

    MINT EXTRACT - This warming herbal extract is used for its soothing properties.

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