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St. Francis Reishi Mushroom is a high-quality concentrated form of active polysacharides in a full spectrum tincture form.  Reishi Mushroom holds near mythic status in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reishi has been valued in the cultures of the East for millennia as the "king of herbs." Ming Dynasty texts describe it as a remedy that ‘mends the heart’.


Certified Organic

Immune Boosting Properties

Traditional Tonic for Vitality

Helps the Body Adapt to Stress

Easy to Use & Absorb Liquid Tincture


St. Francis Herb Farm's Reishi tincture is certified organic.  

St. Francis Reishi Mushroom 50mL

  • Medicinal Ingredients (per 1 ml): Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum, mushroom) 250 mg Quantity Crude Equivalent (1:4) | Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Distilled water, Certified Organic Alcohol

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