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Researched and Reliable True Colloidal Silver


Highest & Safest Concentration in the World - 1,000 parts per million

Anti-microbial effects - Inhibits Viral Infections

Smallest Particle Size - 10 nanometers

300mcg Silver in only 6 drops

Proprietary protective coating protects the Colloidal Silver

Coated Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles


Silver is known for its anti-microbial effects and has been proven to inhibit viral infections. Many people believe in its ability to help prevent illness and decrease recovery time. Just a few drops of this tasteless silver solution is all it takes.


Super Nano Silver is the ultimate immune support supplement. This colloidal silver solution is 5-10 times more concentrated than most, requiring only a few drops for effectiveness. The coated silver particles are suspended in deionized water, ensuring safe and efficient absorption. Super Nano Silver is designed to be a powerful boost to your immunity, helping to maintain your health and provide an extra defense during cold and flu season.


High Concentration, Small Particle Size, High Safety


At 1000ppm concentration and a particle size of only 10 nanometers, Super Nano Silver naturally boosts immunity quickly and efficiently. Each particle is safely enveloped in a coating made from an all-natural polysaccharide derived from a tree extract.


This coating makes the particles stable, non-clumping, and allows them to remain small enough to avoid being deposited in the body’s tissues, while being large enough for maximum effectiveness. This stability ensures the effectiveness will never deteriorate and makes it safe for daily consumption.


Whether you’re preparing for cold and flu season or maintaining daily health, our Super Nano Silver can provide a powerful boost to your immune system.

Pure Nano Silver

  • Our colloidal silver is unique with a high 1000ppm concentration of silver, and a very small particle size of about 10 nanometers. The particles are coated with a proprietary substance that protects the silver from being chemically active, allowing a slow release of silver ions. This is more than enough to achieve antibacterial concentrations and size uniformity while remaining incredibly safe and preventing tissue accumulation. Tasteless and requiring only a few drops, you can boost your immunity simply and easily with our Super Nano Silver

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