PLUS™ caplets deliver vital naturally sourced vitamins and nutrients for a better life.


When you're not quite you, a faulty endocrine system may be the problem. A healthy endocrine system provides a full array of hormones that help regulate organ health, sleep and even your mood.  Help keep it healthy with Mannatech PLUS caplets formulated with a unique blend of nutrients that support balanced health to keep your spirits high, support for your bones, prostate, colon, breasts, and more.  

PLUS™ Herbal-Amino Acid Supplement - 90 Capsules

    • Support for bone, breast, prostate and colon health.
    • Helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.
    • Includes amino acids that play important roles in protein synthesis.
    • Helps the health of your immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems
    • Are formulated to keep your endocrine system healthy
    • Are a source of plant sterols
    • Support for Healthy Hormones