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Molecular size is three times than our regular Fulvic Acid. This rare and lightweight molecular fraction of Fulvic Acid is optimal for use in the eyes because the much smaller molecules will assist in the transport of nutrients across the blood-brain barrier and in purging excess heavy metals from the eyes and the body.  The rods and cones in the eyes regrow themselves every forty eight hours, if given the correct micronutrients, which the Fulvic Acid has the potential to provide and to assist in regrowing your eyes and improving your eyesight.


Extensive hospital eye clinic studies using humic extracts showed 100% success in curing eye diseases caused by virus, bacteria, or fungus, also healing ulcerous wounds, relieving inflammation, and stopping hemorrhaging, without side effects. Fulvic Acid is an anti-inflammatory agent, and able to significantly enhance healing of ulcerous wounds and coagulate blood.  Hospital eye clinic patients with ulcerous cornea infection had 94.2% success rate when treated with Fulvic Acid eye drops and injections.

Natural Fulvic Eye Drops

    • Heavy metal toxicity
    • Improved detox
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Skin conditions

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