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Flojet Bottled Water System 5000 Series


Ideal for supplying coffee machines, ice makers or for connecting to your counter top faucet. The adjustable locking nut allows these pumps to be used with both 3 and 5 gallon bottles. 120V plug for standard electrical outlets or 12V for motor homes and RVs.


Flojet Bottle Pump

  • For Home & Commercial Appliances

    Tea/Coffee Machines, Ice Makers, refrigerators

    -Designed to operate with refrigerator ice & water valves

    Easy to use - New quick connect port fittings allow for fast installation and replacement of suction and discharge tubing

    Illuminated On/Off switch

    Long life motor, includes thermal overload protection to prevent overheating

    Diaphragm pump runs dry without damageEasy to use quick connect ports. Assemble System and connect in seconds

    Quiet Operation. Noise dampening rubber feet. 

    Compact design

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