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Dolphin Bottled Water Pumps are ideal for the home, office, camping and sporting events. With zero battery cost these easy to use pumps will be supplying you with water for years to come. All our Bottled Water Pumps fit all standard 3 & 5 gallon bottles. These high quality pumps are sure to exceed your expectations! 

Dolphin Water Hand Pump

  • Our patented vacuuming system is the secret. Adjustable adaptor sticks tight to bottle mouth and completely blocks air from outside. It creates strong vacuum inside bottle and helps you dispense water with only 1 or 2 times of pumping to get a glass of water. It is the Dolphin Water Pump’s special feature and we were honorably given patents because of this uniqueness.

    •   Genuine Dolphin Water Pump— original manufacturer of the item # 8080 Dolphin Water Pump since 1990.
    •   Economical & Ecological—Manually operated by pressing the head of the pump. There is no battery, motor or power required.
    •   Anybody Can Easily Use—Anyone of any age can easily use the pump, from children to seniors. Just press the head and enjoy fresh water.

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