Belly Button Therapy is a quick, one-step, self-healing method that mindfully stimulates the belly button for gut and brain health, energy, and stress and pain relief. The belly button is an important reflexology point at the center of your body that stimulates your intestines and brain at the same time. Belly Button Therapy is also the most effective way to activate the Vagus nerve.


With Belly Button Therapy, you can return your nervous system to its Parasympathetic state.  When the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS) is activated, it slows our heart and breathing rates, lowers blood pressure and promotes digestion. Our body enters a state of relaxation, and this relaxation breeds recovery. The PSNS is sometimes known as our rest and digest mode.  


One Buddy Included.  Additional Buddies avaliable for purchase.

Belly Button Therapy