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Plant-Based Support for Respiratory & Immune Support


Assists Body in Decreasing Allergic Symptoms

Utilizes Clinically Proven Natural Ingredients

Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Effect with No Side Effects



NEW Aller Kazaam is a proprietary blend of nutrient rich botanicals formulated specifically to support the respiratory system for normal breathing and enhanced immune function.


This plant-based breathing formula utilizes research validated nutrients to support lung issue symptoms caused by seasonal allergies, smoking, COPD and other environmental factors.


The first line of defense of healthy breathing is a robust immune system.

 NEW Aller Kazaam has four times the amount of Vitamin C and adds clinical potencies of Vitamin B-6 and Zinc to strengthen your immune function and combat oxidative stress. 


Rounding out this comprehensive new lung health formula to support bronchial breathing function are 7 more natural lung support nutrients including Quercetin - Over 25 times the potency of the former formula, Nettle Leaf Extract - Nearly 9 times the potency of the former formula, Pantothenic Acid, plus Calcium, Magnesium, Bromelain and Licorice Root Extract not in the previous formula.  All in all, 10 clinically validated nutrients in clinical strength potencies for maximum results.


Clinically Studied Benefits of the Plant-Based Nutrients in the NEW Aller Kazaam

Respiratory & Sinus support to sooth nasal passages and normal breathing

Clinically validated to support a healthy inflammatory response

10 key Plant-Based Nutrients to support and promote optimal health

Assists in building health tissues in the respiratory tract.

Provides antioxidant support to assist in detoxification


New Aller Kazaam is packed with therapeutic dosages of synergistic nutrients that have been clinically studied to improve symptoms of allergy-season related challenges caused by natural pollen, airborne pollutants, dander and other related allergens.  It also provides needed immune boosting, antioxidant support and anti-inflammatory properties to further enhance normal breathing. 


If you struggle with respiratory or breathing issues, add the NEW Aller Kazaam formula to naturally assist your body without the side effects of prescription or over the counter drugs

Aller Kazaam - New Formula

  • Take 3 tablets daily, preferably on an empty stomach.

    Persons with sensitive stomachs may take with food

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