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Icy Mountain Water Family



Owner & Supportive Husband
AKA Water Treatment Expert, Mister fix it Extraordinaire, Jack of all trades. 

In 1981, I met my bride-to-be, Charlotte. We got married on May 18, 1985. She always struggled with her health, but her love for life, always trying to get better, and her determination to be happy made me want to stick through all the tough times with her. We had two girls close together. After a few hospital scares, being bed ridden, and not being able to get off the couch, Charlotte found a natural healer who helped her turn her life around. With Charlotte’s new-found health and happiness, all she wanted to do was to help people. This is where Icy Mountain Water was born! Our first distiller could make 1 gallon of water every 8 hours. Our next distiller could make 7 bottles a day. We thought we hit the big leagues! We then up graded to Reverse Osmosis! I did my research and learned that when you’re making mass quantities of pure water, you can get more impurities out of the water with Reverse Osmosis. With Distilled water, you boil the water so quickly that some of the impurities travel through the steam. Our first Reverse Osmosis Machine made 250 Gallons, 50 bottles per day. WOW, we thought we hit the big leagues before, this was out of this world. Well.. we didn’t stop there!! The next was a 3000 Gallon per day unit, then a 10,000.. and now we have two 10,000 Gallon per day units. We can make up to 20,000 Gallons of pure water a day. In 1992, we could have not imagined this sort of thing! I have had the pleasure of working with my kids, grandson, and even my parents and in-laws have helped in the process. 

We grew so quickly and unexpected, we faced lots of challenges that we didn’t know were going to happen. We overcame all of them, figured out new and better ways of doing things. And now we are the largest locally owned water company in Medicine Hat, we have all premium quality tested products, only local manufacturer of Ice, we are the only water Company in Canada who has a drive thru, and only among a handful who has this state-of-the-art equipment. We strive to do our best for our customers every single day. It has been quite a ride!! 

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