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Icy Mountain water Staff



Delivery Coordinator
AKA Elite Sales Executive and part of the family!

I met Neil & Charlotte, and the family back in 2001, when I was hired onto Icy Mountain Water. I was the second person they hired for the position when the first person didn’t work out. I was grateful for the opportunity. I became the delivery coordinator. I worked at Icy Mountain Water until I had my first child, and left in 2005. I was on maternity leave for a year and came back to work, in 2006. This time I was the in charge of all orders & inventory.  I soon left again to have my second child in 2008. This time I became a stay-at-home mom with two girls, and I had my son in 2012. AND the third time I came back.. It was January 24th, 2015. I didn’t really have a position right away, it was a part time ‘wherever I was needed’ kind of position.. I quickly worked my way up to full-time and was.. once again.. the delivery coordinator, plus a whole whack of other tasks I am now in charge of. It’s funny how things come full circle! Over the last 20+ years, I have grown to feel like family. It has been an incredible adventure, and I look forward to many more years! We really do have amazing customers that make our days incredible. Plus I have great bosses who treat me like a daughter! We all have a lot of fun together throughout the day, which makes the work day go by quick! I always look forward to coming to work. Even though I wasn’t their first pick, over the last 20+ years they mention often how glad they are that things worked out the way they did! I couldn’t be happier!! 

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