Icy Mountain Water.  How it all began...

After a health battle that left her searching for alternatives, Charlotte Bonogofsky founded Icy Mountain Water Co. in the basement of her duplex in 1992. Originally, she wanted a health product store. Her goal was to help people conquer their depression and other health issues. A small distiller that produced one gallon of pure water every 8 hours was purchased. She started giving the water away with the herbs and vitamins she sold but soon there were so many people coming that a larger distiller had to be purchased. After a while people requested the purchase of 5-gallon bottles of water so more distillers were purchased. Soon heath products and bottled water consumed every corner of that tiny duplex, and it was time to find a new location. 

Her first storefront was only 300 square feet but the rent was cheap and it became apparent why when the temperature started to fall and winter set in. There was no heat in her tiny part of the building. Having outgrown that store in a matter of only one year (and being tired of wearing a parka and gloves at work) she packed up with her one employee and moved to the next store with double the space at 650 square feet. 

After 2 years she was given an eviction notice by the City and given 10 months to find a new location. A new roadway was coming through her half the building. This led to the current location of more than 7000 square feet. 

Over the years her husband Neil, and daughters Brandy & Amanda, have joined Charlotte in the family business… not to mention the newest addition, Charlotte’s grandson who came to be in 2012. You will often see Cayson, or at least hear him. Also, for a short time her Mother was also employed. Now along with the family a team of dedicated staff members helps to provide the service you have come to expect from Icy Mountain Water Co. 

We are quite proud to be Medicine Hat’s only local Manufacturer of bagged cubed ice, and our block's of ice are becoming quite popular. Our Bottled Water area has grown from Medicine Hat to include Dunmore, Redcliff, Seven Persons, Bow Island, Burdett, Foremost, Suffield, Ralston and Jenner. Our many health products include The Goodly Company, Riverstone, Sunrider, Ancient Minerals, ProMedics and products such as our Excalibur Dehydrators are distributed throughout Western Canada. We have the state of the art bottle washing equipment that puts us above and beyond bottling standards. We take pride in our water treatment, soda stream refills, propane exchange, and one of a kind Drive Thru. Icy Mountain Water has grown into the largest locally owned Water Company in Medicine Hat. We are happy to help you with any of you and your family's needs.