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Icy mountain Water Truck



Marketing & Customer Relations
AKA – Avid Fan, Free Spirited, Animal Advocate. In traning
Icy Mountain Water Truck

I was born on March 20, 2012. I quickly became a worker at Icy Mountain Water. My Mom took me to work with her when I was 3 months old. We had baby gates installed, a bedroom and turned the upstairs office into a play room!! I didn’t really know what was going on at the time, so I did like to try to get her attention at not the best moments.  You might have heard me in the background when she was on the phone with you. I was obsessed with seeing the Train!! If you couldn’t find Grandma when you came in, I bet we were at the train tracks behind Redi Bottle Depot! It was so much fun!! I worked with my mom at our store until I was 2 and a half when I went to her friend’s day home, Justine Mann. It was a tough transition, but Justine did her best to help me learn to be more independent. Justine went back to school and has since opened up her own daycare, Little Owl’s Learning Centre. After she closed her day home, I went to the College Development Center. I learned a lot, and made lots of friends! Any sick days, I always got to go to work, which was great. And I helped mom on evenings and weekends.

Right now, my favorite thing to do is help Grandpa with bottling and taking out Ice. I also love helping him fix equipment, and following him around. I get to learn about what he is doing. He is always so good to teach me, and get my help. He says that it only takes twice as long when I help him! I love climbing at work, anything I can. There is lots to climb, but I do know how to stay safe! I was able to be in the parade a couple times, and make some radio commercials. Which was pretty cool! I am always talking to people about our business, and everything we do here. I am excited to come to work after school to help Mom, Grandma and Grandpa! 

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