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Whiten and brighten, naturally

Sunrider's non-abrasive, enamel-friendly formula safely whitens your teeth with natural enzymes, not the harsh chemicals found in most whitening products. Peroxide cleans and brightens while grapefruit prevents gingivitis, to promote healthy gums and freshen your breath.


SunSmile Herbal Whitening Gel fights the stains often caused by your favorite foods and beverages (like berries and coffee).  But Sunriders safe, herbal formula is gentler on senstive teeth and gums because Sunrider uses natural plant extracts instead of the harsh ingeredents found in other whiteners. 


It's the natural alternative to a whiter smie.

SunSmile® Herbal Whitening Gel Toothpaste 65 g

  • Use a drop of SunSmile® Herbal Whitening Gel on your toothbrush. It can be used by itself, or together with SunSmile® Herbal Toothpaste and SunSmile® Refresher Drops daily to clean and brighten teeth.

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