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LactiGo with Carnosine is a skin hydration gel created specifically for athletes to be refreshing, lightweight, and easily absorbed for delivering lasting hydration.


LactiGo enables you to unlock your body’s true potential by helping you push the limits of your fitness routine. LactiGo has been shown to help increase your aerobic and anaerobic capacity.


Powerful Carnosine

LactiGo’s powerful menthol, carnosine, and magnesium formulation immediately start going to work on your muscles.


Reduce the burn

During intense exercise muscles will develop a burning sensation, which coincides with you slowing down.


Reduce muscle fatigue

LactiGo reduces the pain associated with the burn, allowing you to perform at higher levels for a longer period of time.


Another coat of LactiGo

As your athletic activity comes to an end, apply another coat of LactiGo on your desired muscles.


Reduce downtime

As you rest, LactiGo continues to go to work by reducing muscle soreness, significantly reducing your downtime!


LactiGo with Carnosine contains no artificial color, drying alcohol or perfume smell and is banned substance tested for athlete’s assurance.

Lactigo with Carnosine Sports Gel

    • Menthol formulation relieves muscle pain during, and after exercise, limiting your need for downtime.
    • Contains Carnosine, which plays a key role in athletic performance & recovery
    • Prevents Muscle Fatigue
    • Topical Application, Nothing to Ingest!
    • Informed-Sport Certified

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